Large kids foldable indoor ball pit pool

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Looking for a large ball pit to place in your child's playroom? Our kids ball pit was made to give your child a safe place to play while under minimal supervision.

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Made with high-quality oxford cloth, the baby ball pit is extremely thick and can withstand rough play. It can also carry dozens of pool balls and your child at the same time without ripping in the seams.

With its sturdy workmanship, the toddler ball pit freely stands on any flat surface with no chance of tipping over while in use. This way, your child can be carefree and jolly throughout the day while playing in the indoor ball pit.

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Better yet, the ball pit is big enough for more than one child to play in, letting your child have a fun experience with a friend or two. Fill your home with joy by setting up the kids ball pit for your child to play in!


DURABLE - Sewn to perfection, the ball pool is sturdy enough to withstand daily use no matter how playful your child is. It's made with high-quality oxford cloth material, making the baby ball pit thick enough to not fray or rip easily.

BIG CAPACITY - Our toddler ball pit is just a bit over 3 feet wide and gives your child just enough space to jump around. Your child will have space to move his or her limbs and get plenty of exercise.

FOLDABLE - Pack away the indoor ball pit by simply folding all the sides together to make it more compact. This way, you won't have a hard time finding a place to hide it in.


Material: Oxford cloth
Color: Pink-gray
Size: 3.11 x 0.9 ft


1x Big ball pit

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