Warm Water Bidet Sprayer Toilet Seat Attachment For all Standard Toilets

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Get a “Life-Changing” Fresh Cleanse

If you got mud on your skin, the last thing you would do is wipe it with dry toilet paper. You’d wash it away with water. So why use rough toilet paper on your bum?

The Most Thoughtful Bidet in the World With Warm Water

The Femfero bidet attachment washes your butt with a stream of clean water after you poop. Adjust the temperature and pressure with the turn of a knob.

 Product details :

  • Temperature control.
  • The Smart Spray™ automatic self-cleaning nozzle.
  • The Schmutz Shield™ for easy, crevice-free cleaning.
  • Naturally anti-microbial knobs.
  • Optimized pressure + angle control for a targeted spray on your pooper.
  • Includes everything for an easy install.
  • 9 foot hot water connection provided.
  • Requires NO electricity or additional plumbing.
  • 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee.

Super Easy to Install

Other bidets need you to replace your entire toilet and tear up your bathroom. You end up paying a plumber a couple hundred dollars just to install one.

In under 15 minutes you can have it all setup and ready to clean. It attaches directly to your existing water supply and comes with all of the necessary accessories to get it working

Perfect Washes:

  • Separate front and rear nozzles
  • Rear wash is for everyone’s backside, targeted to hit the right spot
  • Front wash is angled slightly forward with a softer spray pattern
  • Precise pressure control, from a soft spritz to full pressure

Safe and Sanitary:

  • Self-rinsing system runs fresh water over both nozzles before and after each use
  • Easy to clean with standard mild detergents
  • Extended plastic barrier protects nozzles from possible contamination
  • Nozzles stay retracted when not in use


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