Blackhead Pore Vacuum Remover - MICRODermabrasion Tool Cleanser

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 The Electric Facial Pore Cleanser & Blackhead Remover

    Wanna keep your face healthy clean & beautiful?

    Are you tired of the basic ways of getting rid of Pores & Blackheads which can take up to an hour session?

    Well! We have just the right tool for your needs! The Blackhead Remover Vacuum!

    This deep pore cleansing facial Kit contains 4 different double sided extractors, all specifically targeted on removing different sized and hard-to-reach impurities such as blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, under 10 minutes with no pain & no harmful effects to your skin.


    The Ultrasonic pore cleaner comes with :

    • The big circle hole head
    • Small circle hole head
    • Oval hole head
    • The diamond head that add up to a distinct way of removing blackheads quickly.


    THE #1 RECOMMENDED Blackhead Remover & Pore extractor Vacuum !

    Your face is one of the most delicate parts of your body, and we make sure that you can treat it properly with our three different suction levels and various vacuum head sizes that comes with the Blackhead Remover Vacuum! to clean and clear your face using the latest technology of blackhead extraction to meet the requirements of different skin types (sensitive, dry, normal, mixed and oily skin).


    1- Charge the device for at least 8 hours for first time use then you can charge it for 2 hours (Battery life is 1-2 weeks per charge)

    2- For an effective pore removal, place a hot towel on your face for 5 minutes to open up (Ease) pores/blackheads prior to usage, Or simply purchase our face steamer product which works as a companion product to this blackhead vacuum.

    3- Choose which suction head you would like to use

    3- Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn the Pore Vacuum on

    4- Press one time on the power button to change the suction levels

    5- Gently move the device slowly along the skin, working your way through the entire face.


    Note: Do not leave the suction head on one spot for more than 3 seconds to avoid skin bruising.



    Frequently Asked Questions and answers !

    How long does the battery last after it has been charged?

    It can last up to 2 hours of consistent usage.

    Is it rechargeable?

    Yes, The Blackhead Remover comes with a USB cable for recharging.

    Is the Blackhead Remover Vacuum suitable for all type of skin?

    Yes, The Pore Vacuum is suitable for all types of skin. Once a week for dry skin or sensitive skin, twice for oily skin/ mixed skin.

    I have been having a lot of blackheads on my face, does this Blackhead Remover Vacuum works effectively?

    Yes, the Blackhead Remover Vacuum works effectively to remove your blackheads, pimples, and pores.

    Is it waterproof?

    This blackhead remover vacuum is not waterproof, you need to take down the beauty heads and clean it alone, leave the machine away from the water

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Wyman Christiansen

    The product is accurate. There was only a little problem with shipping because the boxes came in bad condition but after all the product was in perfect condition

    Taryn Rippin

    The product fully corresponds to the description. I did not communicate with the seller. The order came quickly, well packed. Everything works.

    Tyrique Torp

    Turns on, working, that's just not yet tried, whether it performs its functions. I will test and complement the review later Well copes with its functions, pores clean well, does not remove deep black dots, I do not know all the dirt since I removed on the lightest mode, I have a feeling I'm afraid of bruises, ego tried on the shoulders, it's good. I like the device.

    Marcelle Pacocha

    Looks very good. I’ll leave another feedback once I use it but I’m happy with what I received. It doesn’t look cheap, well packed and works well for now. Comes with a guide and the yaourt looks good.

    Jarod Strosin

    OMG! very good packing and as shown I can't wait to try it It works as you promise, it's not a product to use daily I feel it's more for accumulated dirt, washes your face with warm water and that helps open pores, I like it and would recommend it

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